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Residential Mortgages

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or seasoned real estate investor, Finevo is here to satisfy your mortgage request with precision and full spectrum advice. With 30+ lenders to choose from ranging in A-lenders offering the best terms and rates in the market, to Private lenders that can facilitate non-conventional projects with fast approval, Finevo can provide and will deliver.

Residential Mortgage in Victoria, BC

First-Time Home Buyers

First, let’s get you pre-qualified. While doing so we will fully explain the mortgage process in whatever detail is needed to eliminate any and all confusion. Then, you will be able to choose from the market’s best mortgage products available to you. Our education-first approach allows you to fully understand the true power of home ownership. Book an appointment now!

house exterior

Real Estate Investors

Finevo has access to the most competitive alternative and private lending products available. The “Stress Test” is optional, use the highest qualifying ratios, and let’s talk about quick closes! Not to mention our BFS options with no 2-year history needed. Finevo will work with even the most complicated Real Estate Transactions and help you build generational wealth, book an appointment now!

What Are You Looking to Do?


Receive a pre-qualification within 24 hours, and proceed on placing offers that you know are within your budget.


Convert your home’s equity into cash-in-hand. Use this cash for whatever you please. Down payment on a rental property, consolidate debt, pay for post-secondary education or add that addition to your already beautiful home. Do anything with a refinance.


Let's talk before your renewal date! So we can look at saving you money by transferring you into a better mortgage product, at NO COST!

Build a Home

From raw-land to completion. Ask one of our experts about our available construction financing options.

Mortgage Solutions to Last Generations