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Mortgage Solutions to Last Generations

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Accelerating Financial Literacy at Every Opportunity

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Personalized Solutions Backed By Canada’s Largest Lender

Dominion Lending Centres provides solutions specific to you and your needs. As an extension of Dominion Lending Centres, we utilize the power of Canada’s Largest Mortgage Company to prepare you with the most strategic mortgage plans. Our lenders strive to give you the tools for success while continuing Dominion Lending Centre’s reputation of outstanding service, which we have had for sixteen years. The support of the largest and most well-known mortgage company across Canada allows our experts to acquire exclusive financing options that benefit you. Annually, the Dominion Lending Centres’ network generates $50 billion in volume, showcasing the trust that Canadian residents put in our resources.

Our Team

Maria Titarenko

Regional Vice President
SK. 315807 BC. 504475
Tel: 306-940-0448

Ennio Titarenko

Regional Vice President
SK. 508730 BC. 504552
Tel: 250-634-0684

Our Vision

To provide all clients with honest, unbiased and expert mortgage advice as it relates to their specific borrowing needs & wants so that it contributes to their overall financial well-being. To provide a strategic and personalized mortgage lending approach to each and every client in the short and long term. We understand the foundation of our business is dependent on the overall satisfaction of our clients, through the advice and service we provide. With this in mind, Dominion Lending promises to exceed expectations when it comes to service, understanding, advice, and choice of mortgage products in the industry. We strive to create mortgage solutions FOR YOU.

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Serving Clients Across Western Canada

Victoria, BC
519-2840 Peatt Road
Victoria, BC V9B 3V5


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